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SpeakMandarin.com offers 1-on-1 tutoring Chinese lessons to both teens and adults. Our teachers are caring about students and passionate about teaching. They work on your specific learning material including homework and business worksheet, and strive to bring a more involved way of learning. SpeakMandarin develops a new way of learning Chinese online. It provides structured Chinese learning in an intuitive manner where you learn with your favorite teacher at your own pace and in your own time.

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“After several years of self study with Chinese, I decided to look for lessons with a teacher to help my Chinese level improve. I quickly realized that I would not be able to find lessons in my area that met both my language level and schedule requirements. I turned to online lessons as a solution. By the time I found Speakmandarin.com. In fact, the teachers and staff at Speakmandarin.com not only met, but exceeded my expectations. From the first day of my lessons, I found teachers to be always well prepared and ready to help me focus on difficult points in our lessons. This is in part because the Speakmandarin.com staff consulted me about my learning goals and helped me come up with a learning plan. I highly recommend Speakmandarin.com to anyone interested in studying Chinese.

-- Michael Vlahovic ”

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Learn Mandarin Chinese online at speakmandarin.com using situational dialogues, the best way to learn to how to speak mandarin.