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Credit Courses(K12)

WASC accredited online Chinese program

school credits provided, UC a-g Chinese I-IV and AP Chinese

set down a good foundation for Chinese language learning and find ways to practice what you've learned.

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0 Beginners

aligns to the ACTFL standards and 汉语水平考试 (HSK) standards

starting with Pinyin system to advanced communication skills

fast & easy learning process, situational teaching method+phased evaluation

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Private Tutoring

help learners at all levels learn to speak mandarin online

interact regularly with native speakers in Chinese

gain valuable feedback and error correction from qualified teachers

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Business Chinese

aquire language skills specific to your profession or needs

covering all the bases - thoroughly improve your Business Chinese

focused on listening and speaking - laying the foundation for effective communication at work

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Exam Prep

AP Chinese, HSK, HSKK, ILR test, IB test

practice exam, to improve mandarin skills comprehensively

1on1 guidance, to focus on difficult and key points, make sure to improve grades

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