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Case Study
Case Study
The most Professional but Affordable Solution for Your Chinese Study!
as low as $8 per session!
1. "I have been amazed at the speed and thoroughness that Dong Zhang has been teaching my son. It is only 4 months into the school year, and after daily lessons with Dong Zhang, he is already almost at the level of my older son, who has been taking Chinese daily in high school for two and a half years. We are so impressed with SpeakMandarin that we have spoken to our middle school suggesting that they hire them for next year to offer Chinese to other students."
-- Nancy Lee, Oren Berkowitz's mom
2. "I saw a recommendation for on an employment forum for people who wanted to improve their ILR phone test scores. I decided to give it a try and it was well worth it! Jenny was a wonderful instructor and I think my speaking abilities really improved a lot under her guidance. Good feedback from instructors, and investment in my personal learning goals; also integrated topics of interest to me, to supplement the fixed-level learning plan. Great service!"
-- Colin, a student having the ILR preparation classes
3. "The quality of the teaching, and the attitude of the teachers has been first class. They are all top university graduates with degrees in teaching Chinese as a foreign language. This means their Mandarin is well spoken so you pick up the right accent, and that they know how to teach the language, not just how to speak it! It feels like I have a team of 5-6 people supporting me. They all know my progress after each class and are in contact as much as you want them to be - you choose each class time."
-- Jack FitzGerald,
4. "It's great to have learned to write characters and read pinyin while studying in Shanghai, but SpeakMandarin has truly helped me continue my pursuit of refining my accent while being back in the United States. Having limited access to Chinese speakers, conversing with my SpeakMandarin teachers prepares me for work when I go back to China"
-- Chris Mendez,, Student at Pepperdine University, U.S.
5. "Thank you very much for arranging the classes in Beijing. Your team is fantastic. I learned so much from you school. The quality of your teaching was commendable and your flexibility allowed me to learn quickly things that are relevant to me. Thank you very much for preparing the materials before the business mandarin classes. Thanks for going that extra mile. I definitely would recommend your school to anyone who wants to learn mandarin quickly."
-- Michael Oyson
6. "谢谢你们公司的服务!我已经推荐了不少人找你们学习。我赞同你们公司如下: was incredibly useful to me in my intensive preparation for a number of Federal language tests. The experienced, energetic and knowledgeable tutors I had the pleasure of working with were invaluable to improving my fluency of expression, the accuracy of my diction (a major headache in advanced levels), and the breadth of my subject knowledge. I would not have been successful without their help! Thank you!"
-- Michael S.
7. "I strongly believe that speaking Mandarin on a daily basis is the best method of remembering and internalizing the language. There is no better way for me to do this than by calling my friends at SM and chatting about course content, current events, or Chinese media. It has made a dramatic difference in my speaking ability. I am a big fan of topical course content. It really doesn't matter what the content is, only that it can provide a gateway to a lively discussion."
-- David Snowden
8. "I took daily lessons the summer before I moved to China. I was reluctant to do so because of the price, but I'm glad I did so. I would recommend to anyone stuck at the intermediate level. For beginners, though, it might make more sense to invest in some cheaper self-study materials at first."
-- Kevin McClung
9. "We piloted the project at Harvey Mudd College for four weeks and achieved excellent results. Our students found the experiences at once intense and liberating, challenging and relaxing. As a result, our students not only improved their proficiency in the course materials, but also had more confidence to use the language in real life."
-- Chang Tan, Professor at Harvey Mudd, Part of the Claremont Colleges
10. "At first I relied on to augment my formal classroom studies of the language. Now I'm no longer taking classes and exclusively use SpeakMandarin because it's so flexible and the teachers are excellent."
-- Tom Montgomery,, Air Force officer, U.S.
11. "I have been using SpeakMandarin as my main method of studying and practicing Chinese. The ability to ask for specific discussion topics allows me to study the things I really need for my job and helps me communicate better with Chinese companies. An advantage of SpeakMandarin is the quality of the teachers (they can prepare any lesson for you in less than 24 hours) and also the flexible schedule. I have already recommended some of my friends to try SpeakMandarin."
-- Andro Vazquez, lawyer and commercial Attaché in Beijing
12. "I see the SpeakMandarin program, when combined with the SuperMemo program, to be a nearly ideal way to learn a language online. The SuperMemo program allows the student to learn and practice on his own without help of a tutor, at his own convenience, and at his own pace. While the tutor gives much needed exposure to real-life conversation, corrections in speech, and so forth."
-- Keith E. Herzog.
13. "I travel a lot and the session scheduling system provided convenient hours in many time zones making it possible for me to schedule sessions with coaches that fit my busy schedule. The coaches were excellent and helped correct my pronunciation, sentence structure and usage while making learning an enjoyable experience and inspired me to be more active in utilizing what I have learned in class and during my travels."
-- Mike DeBlasio, Business Development Manager, San Jose, CA / Beijing China.
14. " provides the perfect solution for me, a UK-based business owner, to receive top-quality, cost-effective, flexible Mandarin instruction from a native speaker in Beijing. SpeakMandarin's course materials are excellent, and can be tailored to my needs. Best of all, the instruction is superb -- my teacher Shengnan Wu, besides being an excellent and disciplined instructor, is cheerful, helpful and often willing to put in extra work to enhance my learning experience."
-- Maury Shenk, a Managing Director in London
15. "Attempting to speak Chinese from scratch is a daunting task, usually requiring enrollment in an expensive immersion program abroad; one that I could neither afford nor make the time to attend. I was excited to learn that there was an easy and affordable alternative with Speak Mandarin's website. Of course, everybody wants to know how much this service costs. The pricing is readily available on the first page, which is extremely competitive. If you ever wanted to learn Chinese, this is the service to use. XieXie!"
-- Aron Gold, New York
16. "I liked the confidence it gave me in my ability to communicate in Chinese with strangers, especially since there are many different teachers to practice with - it was reassuring and helpful. The lessons are informal enough to not be stressful but involved enough that I am learning. There was no awkwardness and I spoke continually for the hour! The teacher made me feel competent and at ease."
-- Casey Gordon, Harvey Mudd College student, U.S.
17. "The sessions were good complementary practices for my class. I liked how natural it was and that there was consistent dialogue occurring!"
-- Lucy Drummond, Harvey Mudd College student, U.S.
18. "I have been a student for more than a year. Originally, intended this to be a substitute for traditional classes while on a long trip; eventually, completely switched to this form of studying. Having spent years studying languages (and English is not my native tongue) I can tell a good language instructor. They patiently wait for the student to say something by himself and THEN correct him, rather than speak INSTEAD of him. When my teachers changed on some occasions (vacations, sick leaves etc) the new one always knew exactly where to pick-up."
-- Konstantin Sychev
19. "I find the short lessons help me to learn Chinese quickly, they fit into my schedule whether I'm in the USA, China or Europe. 15 minute lessons are effective and convenient for anyone who has to balance work with learning a new language. The team of is flexible so that I can continue learning Chinese whether I'm at home or traveling."
-- Bernard Xavier
20. "At first I was skeptical if studying Chinese online would work, being both a teacher and a student I understand how well face to face learning works. I admit I was wrong and very pleasantly surprised the effectiveness of SpeakMandarin's online learning platform. I did quite well on the HSK and I owe it to SpeakMandarin."
-- Devin Allen, A teacher in one of international school, Beijing, China