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Our Mandarin Chinese Teachers
Our mandarin Chinese teachers are highly qualified, professional, experienced and well trained by China's top universities: Peking University, Beijing Normal University, Beijing Language and Culture University... All of them are teaching Mandarin Chinese as a second language major, and hold the teaching credential for TCSL. Please get to know them as below:
Rachel Wu (吴胜男) Jenny Tan (谭思敏) Hebe He (何慧)
With a major of Chinese from Beijing International Studies University, Ms. Wu is skilled in both spoken and written English. Japanese is also a language skill for her as well. Ms. Wu is good at teaching pronunciation, conversation, grammar and Chinese culture. With a lively personality, she always brings her enthusiasm for teaching to the class. With a major of English Linguistics and Literature from Beijing Foreign Study University, Ms Tan has almost 10 years' experience in teaching Chinese as a second language. She holds a certification from the International Association of Chinese Language Teachers. She is very good at teaching Spoken Chinese, Written Chinese, Chinese characters and Chinese culture. Her qualifications and experience make her an ideal choice as a tutor for the HSK test and ILR tests She prefers interactive instruction and encourages students to speak Chinese naturally. Ms. He has been teaching Chinese language for more than nine years. Her students are not only from different countries and different ages, but are also from different work areas, ranging from student, to worker, to CEOs and international dignitaries. Ms. He is good at teaching pronunciation, conversation, grammar and Chinese culture .She can help you to build up your own vocabulary and grammar system, and help you quickly master the Chinese language.
Dong Zhang (张栋) Molly Zhao (赵颖) Jeffrey Chen (陈佳豪)
Zhang Dong received a Bachelor degree in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language from Beijing Language and Culture University in 2008. He also have been a teacher for over eight years providing one on one and small group lessons. He is very enjoying in teaching. His students say he is an excellent, professional and patient teacher. Ms. Zhao has a Master degree in Teaching Chinese as a second language from Beijing Normal University. She has been a professional teacher for more than 10 years which includes 1 year teaching in a American public school. She has experience in teaching all levels, ranging from brand-new beginner to advanced level, from kids to adults. In her class, you will learn Chinese happily and quickly. Mr. Chen graduated from the University of Derby. He used to teach Europeans children the Chinese language during the course of his university life till present having 5 years of experience in teaching language field. He is skilled in practical conversation teaching. Mr. Chen is highly available to help you with your Chinese development and full of energy and patience. Students are ensured to have fun and interesting classes with him.
Claire Li(李佳) Fanny Zhang (张妍妮) Ying Li (李莹)
With a Masters of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages, Ms. Li has 7 years' experience in teaching Chinese as a second language. She taught international students of different age groups and backgrounds from various countries, ranging from beginners to advanced level students. Ms. Li is good at teaching pronunciation, conversation, reading comprehension, grammar and Chinese culture. In her class, you will learn more than just language itself. Ms. Zhang is an enthusiastic Chinese instructor. Having completed a major in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language at Shanxi University, her Chinese pronunciation adheres to the highest standard. Skilled in teaching pronunciation, grammar and Chinese culture, Ms. Zhang is always full of energy and patience. Students are sure to experience a lot of enjoyment from her class. Ms. Li has over 6 years experience as a professional Mandarin teacher with students from all over the world. In addition, she also served as the Teaching Product Supervisor of a well-known Mandarin teaching institute in Shanghai, where she personally edited numerous textbooks on topics such as oral speaking, reading, Chinese characters, and HSK test prep. She was even responsible for launching a Mandarin Learning App. She holds a Master’s Degree in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language from Guangzhou University, and looks forward to helping you learn Chinese quickly and efficiently.
Lin Lu (陆琳) Jessica Wang (王慧) Helen Tian (田禾)
Ms.Lu has a Master degree in Teaching Chinese as a second language from Beijing Normal University. She has been teaching Chinese for seven years and her English is also fluent. With the experience of teaching Chinese language in many projects, such as Princeton in Beijing, UC schools in Beijing, CET, she possesses her own style to teach Chinese. In her class, students will enjoy every minute of learning Chinese. Ms. Wang is enthusiastic about teaching. She has been teaching Chinese one-to-one and on a small group basis for years. She completed a major in e-commerce and attained the certificate of International Chinese Language Teacher. During 2013, she gained considerable knowledge working with English-speaking people from different countries, learning about their culture and customs while teaching them the Chinese language and culture. In addition, she is always easy-going and will offer you a class full of knowledge, amusement, and understanding that will help you speak Chinese fluently as quickly as possible. With a Master's Degree in Teaching Chinese from Beijing Language and Culture University, Helen has been a professional teacher for more than 4 years which includes around 1500 hours online sessions. She specializes in teaching adult zero beginners, and doing speaking practice.
Molly Meng (孟瑞兰) Emily Zhang (张慧慧) Julia Cai (蔡盈盈)
Ms. Meng got her Bachelor's degree in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language from Xi'an International Studies University.After graduation, she worked as a full-time Chinese teacher in Xi'an, Shanghai and Beijing. She also works as an online Chinese teacher in her spare time. She always tries to create a natural and real linguistic environment for students. Students will learn real Chinese by using the new words and structures in sentences, dialogues, games and jokes. She likes cooking, traveling and traditional Chinese physical therapy. Ms. Zhang, has been teaching Mandarin to foreigners from all over the world: America, United Kingdom, Japan, Korea, Germany, France and many other countries. Her main expertise in teaching Mandarin is helping students to pronounce Mandarin words correctly and accurately, as well as grammar and preparing students for HSK examination. She enjoys encouraging students to communicate in daily Mandarin language, which is a good way for students to learn speaking Mandarin and adapting life in China. Julia is an experienced Chinese Language tutor. She has taught Chinese as a second language face to face for eight years and online Chinese over 2000 hours after graduating from Beijing Language &Cultural University. Now she is tutoring people speak mandarin at SpeakMandarin in Virginia of United States, ranging from Newbie to advanced level. With honest and optimistic attitude, she adopts different teaching methods suitable for different individual and create a pleased study atmosphere.She is good at tutoring pronunciation,conversation,culture, tests and so on .The satisfaction of hearing the learners speak fluent Chinese is incomparable for her.