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Case Study
Case Study
The most Professional but Affordable Solution for Your Chinese Study!
as low as $8 per session!
"At first I relied on to augment my formal classroom studies of the language. Now I'm no longer taking classes and exclusively use SpeakMandarin because it's so flexible and the teachers are excellent."
-- Tom Montgomery,, Air Force officer, U.S.
Divided into two levels — basic and advanced — this course is designed for professionals doing business in China or with Chinese companies. Upon completion, students will acquire a business-oriented vocabulary of approximately 500 specialized Chinese words and several hundred phrases.
This course is for students who have no previous exposure to the Chinese language. We start with an introduction to Pinyin, the phonetic translation of Mandarin pronunciation and tones using the Latin alphabet. This will build the foundation to learning basic Chinese words and phrases. Students will also learn how to read and write basic Chinese characters, known as Hanzi.
Once students are familiar with basic Mandarin sentence structure, topics will become specifically related to the business world, such as applying for/accepting a job, employment and training, business communication, and the office environment.
Recommended Classes:80-100 50mins classes
This course is designed for advanced Chinese learners, especially those doing trade or planning to do trade with China. Topics include how to succeed in a job interview, the rules of the workplace, the rules of negotiation, Chinese management styles, and more. In addition to learning the language, students will also gain insight into the culture of Chinese business and economic life.
Upon completion, students can expect to acquire a vocabulary of approximately 500 specialized business Chinese words and several hundred phrases. Our goal is to help students confidently use professional language to express, discuss, and negotiate their business transactions.
Recommended Classes:80-100 50mins classes
All of our courses are customized to your personal language skills and goals. If you need even more customization (such as a specific job interview or occupation), we can do that, too!